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Material Times is a Czech online magazine backed by a library of materials called Happy Materials in Prague. It pursues materials in social, cultural and also enviromental contexts. There I publish interviews and articles about art/crafts and also alternative approaches to different areas of life.

Craft and Art

TAGGER Tom Sledmore


Coop of makers Blaze

I am preparing:

Art from recycled materials

Alternative approaches

Natural burials – L. Hannah

Alternative approaches to horses – M. Akers

I am preparing:

Street pocket project: Bring people back to the streets instead of cars


Alternative building (just in Czech language)

Strawbale yurts – P. Skořepa


Woofing or postmodern experience the groom and her maids


The Earthship in Sázava


The alternative building camp in France 

Upcycling: How to furnish a house from the street