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Art photographer and hidden poet Jan Vávra.

For me he is my spirit father and life love on a different level. For him, I am model and muse. Ten years of collaboration far beyond the border of photography with entering body art and land art. I am preparing his monography JINOBYTÍ/ OTHER BEING


Sound recordist, film editor and occasional director in one person Jan Daněk.

One of my closest confidantes. From the age of sixteen we have dreamed about making short films together. Ten years after that Jan edits and sometimes films music videos. It started with those for me and my husband Šimon Sajnt.


Guitarist, who harmonically resounds a lot of different instruments and also human hearts Šimon Sajnt.

My husband, healer and teacher. With his music he made my body move. I am his dancer and occasional text writer. Already five years we follow together voices of  INDIGENOUS SPIRIT. This year the  English musician and alive archetype of wild woman Tamsin joined us.


Writer, founder of puppet theater „Tři věžičky“ and IT dinosaur Oldřich Hlaváček.


My lovely cousin who was the first one in my family who started to  pave the way to the soul. He is the one who made this website. I draw and paint pictures for his poems, songs and fairytales.


Producer, dancer and coach Danielle Chivers.

My creative midwife and soul sister. She edits my english texts, I paint whatever she needs for her work. Together we create EARTHWOMEN – film documentaries about extraordinary women, sit in women circles, prepare food and creative workshops.