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“EARTHWOMAN: Awake The Ancient Power”


   * Heal your womanhood  *Sacralise your sexuality * Awaken your creativity  *

Connect to the Earth * Discover the wisdom of indigenous cultures *

The cards “Earthwoman: Awake The Ancient Power” are here to offer a new model of femininity for western women by revaluing ancient female qualities in a new context. Intuitive behaviour, spontaneous presence, creativity, sense for beauty, sexuality, pregnancy and mothering, the ability to love and care, sisterhood, connection to the Earth need to be taken as seriously as the values of patriarchal society – the rational mind, progress in society, productivity, power, competitiveness – if we want to live in a healthy, balanced world.These cards are especially designed for women, who want to discover and develop their womanhood in the brightest sense, and potentially for men who are interested in understanding the true nature of Woman. Together they can consciously work to balance male and female energy on planet Earth. The main aims and themes of these cards include; cleaning collective and personal karma, recognition of indigenous wisdom, creating a bond with the Earth based on honour, freeing the body, healing and sacralising of sexuality, development of creativity and intuition, and spiritual progression..

Many of these paintings may not feel completely positive, but each includes a positive aspect – a guidepost for where we are heading to. Negative emotion is often the strongest trigger for transformation and healing. Those which irritate, disturb or sadden, are what need the most attention and care. Attraction/resistance to certain colours or displayed motives can indicate the problem. Negative emotion will disappear with mastering the topic.

Earthwoman cards are not made to teach Woman – they are just reminders of what she already KNOWS deep inside, of who she already IS.

It is degrading to teach Woman to be Woman. It is the same as trying to teach her to love, to create, to dance. Woman naturally comprehends all of that. To teach Woman means to distance her from her original purpose, impose upon her the idea that she is not complete and immaculate in her present form. In her essence she is connected with Life. Her task is to fully embody this original wild essence and to bring it into the world she is living in.

Woman is Movement. Something that is changing it’s shape all the time, as long as she is not imprisoned in predetermined roles, as long as she doesn’t lock herself in iron hoops of identities which are valued in our modern-day Western world. Often society can’t understand her ancient secrets and it doesn’t want to understand. If it could it would collapse at it’s own base, admitting that the world is nourished only by illusion.

Woman is the reminder of Essential Power, which throughout history she has often been punished for – and still is! That is why she has started to believe there is something fundamentally wrong with her. She tries to remodel herself, disclaiming her desires of unbounded soul to try and fully live, experience, feel, and love. She tries to equalize Man, to be taken seriously, but she is just becoming a caricature of something that she can’t really be and that she shouldn’t be.  She is losing the most essential thing:


Choose a painting from the collection of healing cards „The Ancient Power of Woman“ – I can recreate your chosen topic in any technique you would like with a thought about you (or any other person, emotion, situation..) or you can choose the poster in different sizes. On the menu are also original postcards and calendars 2016.

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Are you doing work related to femininity? Are you looking for original branding and artwork that resonates truly with you and your work? I am excited to design it for you!


I am preparing:

Archetypes Healing Cards

Alive Goddesses Inside Us

 *Goddesses from different cultures as archetypes in our own
personalities and lives *


Pregnancy Healing Cards

Sacred female body

* Paintings with positive affirmations made while being pregnant *


Original painting on order………………………… differs according to size and technique
Postcards………………………………………………… £ 1.50 (£ 1.20 if you purchase more than 3)
Package of 18 different postcards……………… £ 20.00
Small posters (22x32cm)…………………………… £ 15.00
Large posters (30,7 cm x 44,3cm)………………… £ 20.00