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Natural Beings of AOTEAROA

 *Learn through fairytales how to treat nature nicely *


Fairytale cards „The Natural Beings of AOTEAROA“ introduce the Land of the Long White Cloud (what we know today as New Zealand) where every stone, plant or stream is an alive being and it is necessary to treat them with respect. How are these creatures living? What approach of people do they like? What can we learn from them?  You can find out in these short fairytales attached to each painting.


Colouring book:

Painted waiting (Little people from the advent household)

04-2_Christmas - colouring book

Christmas colouring book


Circus B.R.I.S.T.O.L


Does my style of painting resonate with you? Would you like to add painting/drawing to your story, fairytale, poem, song or prayer? Write me your imagination.

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