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Breaking out. Where do I belong? We are all from …

* How do we build our identity? How much is it actually yours? * What

creates the sense of belonging? * What do we all share as human beings? *

 The first part of this collection „Breaking out“ was created when I had to face my

own old identity in people and places from my past after two years of travelling in

different countries and living a totally different lifestyle. Because of the physical and

time distance I was able to quite well distinguish what parts were me and what was

coming from others. These drawings helped me to go through the actual process.

 „Where do I belong?“ was the next stage when I decided to settle for a longer time

in Bristol. Suddenly there wasn´t anything to build on, so thoroughly had I deleted my

old identities. What stayed was a connection to the Earth which I had previously

never known how to express in the city. I thought a lot about so many people from

vastly different cultures and environments around the world being faced with dealing

with these issues inside, having to literally learn how to live from the beginning. One

of the main topics which came out of this was what does HOME mean.

3_IDENTITY - We all are from...

 All of that led me to approach it from the other end. I don´t want to break out

anymore. I want to belong. What does it mean to belong as humans is represented in

the third part „We are all from…