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To be creative doesn‘t mean to just create an artwork. It means to be able to create the world inside and around us. It is a choice to be authentic, don´t be satisfied with usual ways, always search for different possibilities how to live better, nicer, more friendly to the environment and other people, enrich the world with something that is coming from ourselves.

I like when something usual and practical becomes a piece of art or when a piece of art is somehow useful. Authenticity, sence for the environment, playfulness and beauty are my prior values while working on different projects.



Make your household unique


Would you like to have an original door? An imaginative post box? Walls with motives that nobody else has? Let me paint it! My specialisation is natural motifs, but I am open to any ideas and wishes . With almost a year of experience in room decorating I guarantee a professional approach and complex treatment of material that I work with. If you are interested however in traditional decorating (painting, wallpapering) visit


The painted post box for Michéle (Clamensane, Provance Alps, France 2014)




We give new life to things which were supposed to become rubbish! Together with my husband we have decided to try to furnish our house in Bristol just with things what we find on the street. Some furniture needed just sanding and/or painting, some we built from pieces. Isn´t it great way how to save money, environment and create an original household? Would you like something like that to? Write me or just get an inspiration from the pictures below.


Furniture in bedroom and living room (St Pauls, Bristol, UK 2015)



Alive materials, alive household.


We have discovered the magic of straw and clay mix during woofing when we had a chance to finish the build of cob oven for one of our host in New Zealand.

Cob oven for Richard (Takaka – Bird Clearing, New Zealand 2013)


Fascinated by accessibility, vividness and beauty of this material we had decided to take part in a building camp of natural roundhouse leaded by Tony Wrech close to Poitiers, France.

Roundhouse from cobwood and clay for Cecile (farm close to Poitiers, France 2014)


We are very keen to gain an experience in earthplastering so please if you would know about something (best in Wales, Devon, Somerset), let me know. I believe that one day will be on this place photos of our own roundhouse covered by clay:)




The concrete and stones in a different role than usual. An attempt to make something pleasant to the eye and at the same time useful from materials which we may not imagine as suitable for something aesthetic. Most of the projects were done as part of woofing in New Zealand.


The stone whale-patio around hot tubs for Kelcey. The stone benches are made by my husband Simon Sajnt. (Takaka, New Zealand 2013)

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